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6:45 PM

It's in you to give

Finally I donated blood! After few failed attempts few years ago and being discouraged because of that I finally made it to the donation center.
It was a busy place. I came in under #67. Had to wait for quite a bit. Then got a low blood pressure according to the results and had to sit down, eat sodium filled snacks and drink high sugar juices in the resting area. While doing that saw my colleague who told me that he has been donating non stop since he was 17 and has made about 80 donations so far. My second check showed normal blood pressure and I went into one of these comfy dentist-like chairs.
Somehow I expected the experience to be more painful, I expected to have dizziness, to feel sick or have some other issues. But it was super quick and in 4min I gave my 500ml.
Chatted with few volunteers and they all told me that they can't donate due to anemia. Which is low iron in the body. That is something I was worried I'd have since I'm a female (monthly loss of blood is very not helpful) and a vegetarian (no carnivore iron full diet) but I passed that test easily.

As a first time donor I was stickered with that title and got my 1st time donor pin. Next pin I was told is given at the 3rd session and then 10th, 25th and so forth. And then there are plaques and certificates... this is a cute way of making people feel important and valued.



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