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Pretty Wall

alley walk in TO: great memories, great art, great city

CNE or The Ex

rides and fun and laughs and long exposure more here

Old lady

Cuba is a great place to take pictures of people

Fall. Colourfull boots

Always go for colourfullness!

After rain

After rain haziness effect is pretty!

11:34 PM

SOME of the Crazy Bike Routes

Saturday 12th of july 2008
route (clarifications: from point B to point C and D-E I rode on TTC)

Total bike ride: 58.4km

that was one amazing ride with Kayvan, Amir, Roma, Anf, Milad, Sarvin and Vessal. Under the rain, through tunnels, high grass, water and bridges, with many broken bikes, lunch and then Merdad's music performance which I never ended up to see and mega crowded sidewalk salsa!

Tuesday 15th of july 2008

Total bike ride: 47.1km

How to make someone Vegetarian? Ride a bike=)
How did it start:
Amir's e-mal on 15th of July morning: "WOW If you go all that way by bike and get to work tomorrow morning I am going to be a VEGGIE :))"
Yeah and I made it(see the map above)=) and he made it to veggie for a week too=)


There were many more bike rides longer and bigger in terms of participants(the one me and Nadja and "about half of Iran" took part(quoting Nadja)=)) but I haven't done as setailed analysis of the routes for those rides=(

10:26 PM

CUBA: super short summary

самое краткое изложение того, как мы отдохнули на кубе:

мы 3 раза сходили на пляж=)
мы ели еду с уличных лавок, в ресторанах, но самая лучшая еда была в ксах, где мы жили
мы выпили литры мохито=)
мы были подвержены атаке муравьев посреди ночи%0
мы передвигались по местности на местных автобусах за одно местное песо ($1=25pesos)
мы сделали сотни снимков=)
мы танцевали сальсу в Тринидаде
мы играли на баранабнах в Санфуегосе
мы плавились и загорали
мы спали на крыше замка в Санфуегосе
мы общались с тучей кубинцев=)
мы катались на лошадях
мы иногда были нелегалами, т.к. нас было 5 на 2 комнтаы, а должно быть 4
мы представляли собой весь мир (Италия+США, Франция, Германия+Канада+Вьетнам, Лаос+Австралия, Украина+Непал+Россия)
мы провели просто замечательный отпуск!!!=)

Colorful dress

here is the shortest review possible about our trip to CUBA:

we went to beaches 3 times=)
we ate street food and we ate in restourants but the best food was the casa food=)
we drank litres and litres of mohitos=)
we were attacked by ants%0
we were travelling in the local buses for 1 national peso
we took loads of photos=)))
we danced salsa in Thrinidad
we played drums in Cienfuesgos
we were melting and suntuning=)
we slept on the roof of a castle in Cienfuegos
we spoke with hundreds of cubans=)
we rode horses
we were illegal sometimes cuz there were 5 of us per 2 rooms
we were representing whole world in our small group (Italy+USA, France, Germany+Canada+Vietnam, Laos+Australia, Ukraine+Nepal+Russia)
we had just an amazing vacation!!! =))))


german & spanish versions are to follow...
ah, hasta la isla de Cuba siempre!=)

more details on the Cuba trip in Nadja's blog


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