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Pretty Wall

alley walk in TO: great memories, great art, great city

CNE or The Ex

rides and fun and laughs and long exposure more here

Old lady

Cuba is a great place to take pictures of people

Fall. Colourfull boots

Always go for colourfullness!

After rain

After rain haziness effect is pretty!

8:36 PM

YUK for Gelatin!!!

that's just terrible!
Gelatin is "following" me
First the discussion about gelatin (as per Wiki: "substance, extracted from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones") started in regards to jello which is part of Bubble Tea
Luckily this type of jello is usually is coconut jelly (not always though so I have to check next time I'm ordering bubble tea)
Now I discovered that YOGURT has gelatin in it!!! The yogurt I eat EVERYDAY!!!!
Luckily there is solution to that and it's available in Canada - Naturalia yogurt by Danone
which has no gelatin in it.
So at least life is not THAT unfair (can't imagine my breakfast w/o yogurt!)

10:23 AM

how to get to listen to an adventurous travel story

huh... so I went to buy my climbing shoes.
who knew they are ALL made of leather? I hadn't... until I read that on the sticker attached to the shoes
so I went:
- Ooooooh... I can't climb!
the store clerck:
- what's that?
- they are all made of leather!
- ? mmmm why?
- I can't have leather shoes....
- vegan?
- uhum
- Oh never even thought about such a problem... well yeah they are all made of leather...
the other clerck:
- here are some vegan ones - pointing to 4 pairs
the first clerck (Adam)
- oh cool then=) Yeah my friend is vegetarian... it's very hard to be one
- it is apparently for climbing
- not only. when he went to the south asia trip he had to start eating meat again cuz such countries as Laos don't serve vegetarian food or even if they do then the food is cooked in the same pan where meat was
- oh so you traveled too?
- yeah we spent 6 months in asia - great place...

and the story went on for 1hour until the store closed=)
the moral of the story: be vegitarian/vegan and it will make ppl tell you cool stories=)


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