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Pretty Wall

alley walk in TO: great memories, great art, great city

CNE or The Ex

rides and fun and laughs and long exposure more here

Old lady

Cuba is a great place to take pictures of people

Fall. Colourfull boots

Always go for colourfullness!

After rain

After rain haziness effect is pretty!

12:33 AM


woohoo! woohoo! woohoo!
I did it!!!
at last FLICKR is uploaded with some great Cuba and winter photos!!!
DSC04782 DSC00182
phew it took me a while!!!
THANKS again to Gail for her gift of flickr=) which advanced me to a Pro account=))

Now if only someone knew how can I embed flickr slideshow at blogger....cuz seems that the slideshow embeding link doesn't work for google blogs=((

3:04 AM


Woooohooo indeed=)
After 4 hours of wasted time I found an ideal temporary blog background: 2 columned, stretched and more or less warm colored
However as I've already mentioned it's just a temporary stuff as I'm planning to work through photoshop blog tutorial and learn how to do blog background myself...
phew... now I can go to sleep=)
and french tomorrow!!!=)

p.s. that's how the blog looks now btw (I hope it will look somehow different soon!!!=))
From Blogger Pictures

1:18 PM

Response to the Surprise BDay party!=)

Millions and millions of thanks/merci/gracias/спасибо/дякую/danke to all those wonderful people involved in the party organization and video creation!!!=)

9:22 PM

surprise BDay party

That's an aaaaaaamazing Video BDay present from Anf (director/producer and idea generator) and all the friends to my 24th Bday!=)
It was accompanied by a major surprise party at Garry's. Which was so totally unexpected by me, that I wasn't even able to understand what's happening for the first few moments=)
So the 8th of November me, Jazz and Edmond celebrated our BDays on my surprise party where everyone was wearing reeeeeeed=)
I was too drunk with excitment and endorphines so I don't really remember what was happening and what did I say and do=P
But it was great great great!=)))


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