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Pretty Wall

alley walk in TO: great memories, great art, great city

CNE or The Ex

rides and fun and laughs and long exposure more here

Old lady

Cuba is a great place to take pictures of people

Fall. Colourfull boots

Always go for colourfullness!

After rain

After rain haziness effect is pretty!

8:36 PM

YUK for Gelatin!!!

that's just terrible!
Gelatin is "following" me
First the discussion about gelatin (as per Wiki: "substance, extracted from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones") started in regards to jello which is part of Bubble Tea
Luckily this type of jello is usually is coconut jelly (not always though so I have to check next time I'm ordering bubble tea)
Now I discovered that YOGURT has gelatin in it!!! The yogurt I eat EVERYDAY!!!!
Luckily there is solution to that and it's available in Canada - Naturalia yogurt by Danone
which has no gelatin in it.
So at least life is not THAT unfair (can't imagine my breakfast w/o yogurt!)

10:23 AM

how to get to listen to an adventurous travel story

huh... so I went to buy my climbing shoes.
who knew they are ALL made of leather? I hadn't... until I read that on the sticker attached to the shoes
so I went:
- Ooooooh... I can't climb!
the store clerck:
- what's that?
- they are all made of leather!
- ? mmmm why?
- I can't have leather shoes....
- vegan?
- uhum
- Oh never even thought about such a problem... well yeah they are all made of leather...
the other clerck:
- here are some vegan ones - pointing to 4 pairs
the first clerck (Adam)
- oh cool then=) Yeah my friend is vegetarian... it's very hard to be one
- it is apparently for climbing
- not only. when he went to the south asia trip he had to start eating meat again cuz such countries as Laos don't serve vegetarian food or even if they do then the food is cooked in the same pan where meat was
- oh so you traveled too?
- yeah we spent 6 months in asia - great place...

and the story went on for 1hour until the store closed=)
the moral of the story: be vegitarian/vegan and it will make ppl tell you cool stories=)

12:33 AM


woohoo! woohoo! woohoo!
I did it!!!
at last FLICKR is uploaded with some great Cuba and winter photos!!!
DSC04782 DSC00182
phew it took me a while!!!
THANKS again to Gail for her gift of flickr=) which advanced me to a Pro account=))

Now if only someone knew how can I embed flickr slideshow at blogger....cuz seems that the slideshow embeding link doesn't work for google blogs=((

3:04 AM


Woooohooo indeed=)
After 4 hours of wasted time I found an ideal temporary blog background: 2 columned, stretched and more or less warm colored
However as I've already mentioned it's just a temporary stuff as I'm planning to work through photoshop blog tutorial and learn how to do blog background myself...
phew... now I can go to sleep=)
and french tomorrow!!!=)

p.s. that's how the blog looks now btw (I hope it will look somehow different soon!!!=))
From Blogger Pictures

1:18 PM

Response to the Surprise BDay party!=)

Millions and millions of thanks/merci/gracias/спасибо/дякую/danke to all those wonderful people involved in the party organization and video creation!!!=)

9:22 PM

surprise BDay party

That's an aaaaaaamazing Video BDay present from Anf (director/producer and idea generator) and all the friends to my 24th Bday!=)
It was accompanied by a major surprise party at Garry's. Which was so totally unexpected by me, that I wasn't even able to understand what's happening for the first few moments=)
So the 8th of November me, Jazz and Edmond celebrated our BDays on my surprise party where everyone was wearing reeeeeeed=)
I was too drunk with excitment and endorphines so I don't really remember what was happening and what did I say and do=P
But it was great great great!=)))

9:29 PM

I'm a famous ZOMBEE!!!=)

Thanks to my famous photographer friend Kayvan I became famous...hmmm... I mean my zombie face became famous to TO=)
The photo was printed on York Uni's newspaper cover page=)) LOL!=)
From Blogger Pictures

5:13 PM

MP3 Experiment - Improv Everywhere

29ого было очень прикольное мероприятие, типа флешмоба=) нам всем разослали инструкции по мейлу, где говорилось что надо скачать файл с ссылки которую они давали, на плеер, взять с собой воздушный шарик и зонтик, одеться в красную\желтую\зеленую\синюю футболку, прийти в парк и включить плеер ровно в 2 часа дня=)

ну конечно же собралась целая толпа каучсерферов. я решила тоже такое дело не пропускать
т.ч. в 2 часа я уже была в парке как и 1000 других людей, которых оповестили об этом событии.
Плеер нам говорил что делать=) вначале все разминались, потом обнимались с человеком в футболке другого цвета, потом шагали под зонтиками, потом играли в живой твистер (это было самое классное - голос на плеере говорил типа - руку на голову человека в зеленом, стопу к стопе человека в красном=))такая была каша=))) а в конце была битва=) красные и желтые были против зеленых и синих=) воевали мы надутыми шариками - а потом все "погибли"=) на этом веселеь закончилось=)
это было очень смешно и эксперемент контроля массового сознания прошел на ура=)


just a quick update of the last sunday=)
we went to a very mega funny event hosted by Improv everywhere
MP3 Experiment -
we had to download an MP3 file that was sent to us and then go to Riverdale aprk on sunday and turn on the mp3 file at 2pm exactly and then follow the instructions of the voice=)
we also had to wear red/blue/green or yellow tshirt, bring umbrella and inflated baloon=)

woha it was so funny=) we were doing stupid random stuff as marching under umbrellas, playing real life twister (everyone was a twister dot with a corresponding t-short color and the others had to by following instructions of the voice put their hands on the head/hand/shoulder of the person whose t-short colored was announced)and it ended with an EPIC battle between 2 armies - yellow/red and green/blue=)


4:14 PM

date that happens only once per 100 years

Я подумала, что нельзя совсем уж забрасывать какой-никакой но все таки блог, а сегодня есть прикольный повод сделать краткую запись=)
Дата сегодняшняя не появится в календарях еще 100 лет!!!=)
8-08-2008 = 8\8\8 =)))
Молодец Воронцова что в прошлом году вышла замуж 7-07-2007=) Такие даты надо вылавливать=)
ну а помимо этого сегодняшний день знаменателен тем, что
- в Китае начались Олимпийскии игры лето 2008
- в 1945 году в этот день Россия объявила войну Японии
- а я еду в НьюЙорк вечером =)

вот так....

*сижу в офисе - засыпаю*

--- переводы на все остальные языки, когда-нибудь будут добавлены ---
So I thought that I shouldn't just ignore my blog...even if it's rarely updated... So I was thinking what to write about and today's date gave me a good reason to leave here a post.
The date today is fancy=) and it won't appear in the calendars for the next 100 years!
8-08-2008 = 8\8\8 =)))
Good for Vorontsova, who got married last yeat on 7/7/7!=) You have to catch those dates as they become available=)
But today's day is also known for
- the Olympic games that started today at 8.08pm
- 63 years passed since Since Russia declared war on Japan on 1954 at this same day
- and tonight I'm going to NYC=)
so that's it...
*falling asleep at the office*
--- translation to the other languages to be added sometime in the future ---

11:34 PM

SOME of the Crazy Bike Routes

Saturday 12th of july 2008
route (clarifications: from point B to point C and D-E I rode on TTC)

Total bike ride: 58.4km

that was one amazing ride with Kayvan, Amir, Roma, Anf, Milad, Sarvin and Vessal. Under the rain, through tunnels, high grass, water and bridges, with many broken bikes, lunch and then Merdad's music performance which I never ended up to see and mega crowded sidewalk salsa!

Tuesday 15th of july 2008

Total bike ride: 47.1km

How to make someone Vegetarian? Ride a bike=)
How did it start:
Amir's e-mal on 15th of July morning: "WOW If you go all that way by bike and get to work tomorrow morning I am going to be a VEGGIE :))"
Yeah and I made it(see the map above)=) and he made it to veggie for a week too=)


There were many more bike rides longer and bigger in terms of participants(the one me and Nadja and "about half of Iran" took part(quoting Nadja)=)) but I haven't done as setailed analysis of the routes for those rides=(

10:26 PM

CUBA: super short summary

самое краткое изложение того, как мы отдохнули на кубе:

мы 3 раза сходили на пляж=)
мы ели еду с уличных лавок, в ресторанах, но самая лучшая еда была в ксах, где мы жили
мы выпили литры мохито=)
мы были подвержены атаке муравьев посреди ночи%0
мы передвигались по местности на местных автобусах за одно местное песо ($1=25pesos)
мы сделали сотни снимков=)
мы танцевали сальсу в Тринидаде
мы играли на баранабнах в Санфуегосе
мы плавились и загорали
мы спали на крыше замка в Санфуегосе
мы общались с тучей кубинцев=)
мы катались на лошадях
мы иногда были нелегалами, т.к. нас было 5 на 2 комнтаы, а должно быть 4
мы представляли собой весь мир (Италия+США, Франция, Германия+Канада+Вьетнам, Лаос+Австралия, Украина+Непал+Россия)
мы провели просто замечательный отпуск!!!=)

Colorful dress

here is the shortest review possible about our trip to CUBA:

we went to beaches 3 times=)
we ate street food and we ate in restourants but the best food was the casa food=)
we drank litres and litres of mohitos=)
we were attacked by ants%0
we were travelling in the local buses for 1 national peso
we took loads of photos=)))
we danced salsa in Thrinidad
we played drums in Cienfuesgos
we were melting and suntuning=)
we slept on the roof of a castle in Cienfuegos
we spoke with hundreds of cubans=)
we rode horses
we were illegal sometimes cuz there were 5 of us per 2 rooms
we were representing whole world in our small group (Italy+USA, France, Germany+Canada+Vietnam, Laos+Australia, Ukraine+Nepal+Russia)
we had just an amazing vacation!!! =))))


german & spanish versions are to follow...
ah, hasta la isla de Cuba siempre!=)

more details on the Cuba trip in Nadja's blog

11:49 PM

Nadja's sun tattoos

Вот что произошло после того, как Надя позагорала вся раскрашенная мастерами цирка ДюСолей

Загар оставил свои следы на ее теле - теперь рисунок перманентен=))


Here is what happened after Nadja got some sun tan in her awesome bodypaint by CirqueDeSoleil artists.

Now thanks to the suntan this painting is permanent on her skin=)


Das ist wass passiert mit Nadja nachdem sie eine SonneLohe bekam. Das ist eine SonneSpur von der Zeichnung welches wurde bei CirqueDeSoleil Artisten gemacht.

jetzt ist diese Zeichnung dauerhaft =)


Aqui esta que paso con Nadja despues se bronceado en el Sol con una pintura por los artistos de CirqueDuSoleil

Ahora esta pintura es permanente en su piel =)

7:29 AM

озеро Онтарио. Ontario lake. Ontario See. Ontario lago.

Пара фоток с моего корпоративного лэптопа. День на пляже.
Few photos found on my corporate laptop. A day on the Beach.
Ein paar Fotos von minen corporate laptop. Ein Tag aus dem Strand.
Algunos fotos de corporate ordenador. Una dia en la playa.

11:47 PM

New default wallpaper for Windows?=)

Тока что нашла эту фотку, которую сделала пару недель назад, когда каталась на великах. Чем не очередной фон для декстопа Виндовс?=)


Just found this photo that I took few weeks ago while riding bikes. Shouldn't it be considered as a next background for Windows default desktops?=)


Ich habe das Foto jetzt gefunden. Es war etwa Wochen vor gemacht wann wir sind radgefahren. Ich denke es ist ein gutes Foto fuer die nexte Windows default Desktop=)


Encontro esta Foto, que tomaba cuando andaba en bicicleta hace dos semanas. Pienso que esta Foto es un bueno futuro Windows Desktop=)

Posted by Picasa

9:50 PM

Вдохновение.Inspiration. Inspiracion

Кстати говоря, я вдохновилась блогом благодаря другу фотографу, который практически каждый день снимает 1000 кадров и на своем блоге описывает каждый день фотографиями. Я думаю последовать его примеру.Так что вот моя фотка в офисе зимой=)


Btw I was inspired by my friend's blog, who takes virtually 1000 photos everyday and posts them on his blog thus describing everyday with a photo. I'lll try to follow his suit
So here is a photo of me in the office in the winter time=)


Uebrigens sagen, ich habe mish entflammen fuer meinen Freund Blog, wo er veroeffentlicht ein Photo jeder Tag. Ich werde versuchen das selbe machen
Also hier ist ein Foto von mich in dem office in Winter=)


A proposito mi inspiro con mi amigo Blog donde el enstala una foto cada dia. Intentare el mismo hacer aqui. Asi aqui una foto con mi en una officina en invierno=)

9:37 PM


Скучаю по вам любимые мои друзья!!!


I'm missing you my dear friends!!!


Ich fermisse euch meine liebe Freunde!!!


Anorar los vosotros mis queridos amigos!!!

9:17 PM

my first CS gathering

my first CS gathering
Originally uploaded by BeeSmile
Моя первая встреча с каучсерферами Торонто, где я встретила будущих друзей

My first CS gathering in TO where I met my future friends

Meine erste CS Begegnung wo ich habe meine zuekunftige Freunde getrffen

Mi primero CS encuentro en TO donde encontaba mis futuro amigos

7:51 PM

первый пост.first post.

ну вот и я завела блог...зачем? и главное почему, ведь это я была так против писанины на страницах интернета никому в никуда...
ну я подумала... и это уже само по себе неплохо=) что блог может служить неплохим местом сбора всех моих любимых ссылок (которые имеют свойство теряться при каждой переустановке компа), фоток, цитат, клипов и т.д.
а еще я подумала, что это может быть неплохим способом закрепить и подучить знания языков. вот если я буду писать каждый пост на всех знакомых мне языках... пожалуй этим я щас и займусь.


so here is my blog... why? and most importantly what for? I was the one always against the idea of having blogs, where you post info and news addressed to noone in nowhere...
but I gave it a 2nd thought and decided that a blog might be a good way of storing in one place all my fave links(which tend to disappear with each computer reinstallation and stuff), photos, quotes, clips, etc
it might be as well a good way of learning and refreshing languages I know, if I'll transalte every each post entry into all the languages I can talk and write.
so here we go...


also hier ist meinen Blog. warum? und was fuer? Ich war immer gegen eine Idea einen Blog zu haben, weil in einem Blog die Leute Neuikeiten und Information zu niemand schreiben ...
aber ich habe noch einmal gedacht und entscheidet dass es eine gute Idea wuerde einen Blog zu haben wo ich kann alle meine lieblings links, Fotos, Zitaten, CLips, usw erhalten.
Es wuerde auch eine gute Methode die Sprache zu wiederholen und befestiegen wenn ich jeder Post in allen Sprachen die ich weiss shreiben werde.
So hier ich dass probiere ...


asi aqui esta mi blog ... por que? y el mas pretenciosamente para que? yo era siempre contra la idea el blog tener, asi en el blog escribis la informacion y noticias para ninguno...
pero pensaraba un 2o pensamiento y decidia que en un blog puedo todos mis eslabones de fave, fotos, cotizaciones, clips, etc. guardar. Puedo también en un Blog estudio y repetir lenguas, en el caso si traducire cada entrada del Blog en todas las lenguas puedo hablar y escribir.
asi aqui vamos...


1:16 PM

Beaver Tails!!!=P

Just came back from Ottawa where I tried a delicious sweet - BEAVER TAILS (100% vegetarian) =))
And cuz I didn't bring any with me to Toronto, I found those beaver tails places in TO.

there are really very few places - Ontario Place&CNE, Toronto Zoo and Wild Water Kingdom...but at least I don't have to go back to Ottawa just to get one more beaver tail=)

p.s. also found a beaver tail recipe....though I don't think I'll ever cook that=)


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