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9:09 PM


IT ARRIVED!!!! Came home today to face a fat brown envelope, stuffed with my medical/travel insurance policy, tickets booking confirmation, an Australia magnet and Australia bookmark and a thank you card from my travel agent Ryan=)
IT IS HAPPENING!!!! ta-da-da-da!

Few words about the travel agency. At some point of my Oz research I found this website that connects you with country specilized travel agencies near you. If you pick TO there are only two agencies that are located here and specialize in Downunder. I contacted both, but the quote sent by Downunder Travel was considerably cheaper.

Here is the list of agencies I contacted and round trip fare offered to me with a one week stopover in LA:
Downunder Travel $1845.34 + $75 service fee + $250 fee for a date change on the return ticket*
Vision 2000 Travel Group $1756.94 + $25 ticketing fee + $425  fee for a date change on the return ticket
Aspire Downunder  $1753.43 +$300 fee for a date change on the return ticket
TravelCuts  $2196.51 (didn't even ask about the fees... too expensive as is)

*Note from the travel agent: Now since you are flying with Qantas and we have a great relationship with them there is a very good chance that we can get the $250.00 waived and you would only have to pay the $75.00 (plus any change in fare/upgrade).

So if I'm actually going to have the date change fee waived (all saved in emails and I'll fight for this!) then I got myself the cheapest possible option flying Quantas both ways!

And then there were of course all these amazing search engines:
Google Flights
and bazillion of others but I decided that it's just less stressful to organize all the tickets with the stopover via one agent and also easier that way to change the return date so it will be them working out all the connection routes for me.

Oh yeah, I also got medical insurance with the same travel agent. All of the above offered approximately same price for medical+travel insurance for a year - of about $700-750.

I feel very poor now


That medical/travel insurance cost was -- WOW. What is the deductible if you make a claim?

I can't believe you've been blogging all this time and haven't linked to it anywhere? I had a vague recollection of reading it years ago but thought you gave up on it!

And what are these 'crafts' you speak of... ? You make stuff besides food? Why do I not know this!

interesting. I did set up notification alert for all the new comments and didn't get anything for this one.
I looked into the coverage and from what I understand there is nothing I need to be paying for the medical procedures if any. They only state the maximums they will be covering.

I only started blogging again in september and spent most of the sept setting up a template (which doesn't perform for some reason as it's not showing the date of the post) and I'll be getting into posting it everywhere and sharing with everyone=)

crafts? there is one post of my crochet craft project... is that what you're referring to?

I tried to hit 'Reply' to your comment but it wouldn't let me...? (I tried hitting 'Reply' to my comment and also nothing happened.

I can only choose "Post Comment" for some reason!

You mentioned craft projects in your About page.

GAH! Google ate my comment.

I tried to reply to your reply, and it wouldn't let me. Tried to reply to my own comment and it wouldn't let me do that, either.

For some reason, I can only click 'Post Comment'.

You mention craft projects in your 'About' page. That's why I thought this blog wasn't yours!

Grrr.... I think I might switch to wordpress free blog... though it seemed to work nice....
this time I got notifications o your comments but I think it's only because I indicated that I will be moderating the comments.
I mean to start crafting jewelery (earrings, necklases mostly) at some point. So far I only have enough to give out as presents or keep for myself.
I soooo like this blog template but it's just not working properly... so upset=(


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