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7:38 PM

Weekend with Red Cross

So this weekend I spent very efficiently.
Both sat and sun were dedicated to learning first aid and CPR techniques.
Reasons that made me go for this:
- I discovered that my PWA (Personal Wellness Account) covers this course and I want to use up all the money I have there (ski boots covered most of it)
 - After the course is completed (successfully) you get a certificate in FirstAid/CPR that might be needed when considered for hiring (e.g. work with kids (can't imagine doing that but who knows))
- Generally a great knowledge to have in life to be able to safe people around you.

We started the sat session by introducing ourselves and giving reasons for taking this course. out of 17 people only my friend and I were doing it not as a requirement of our current job but just for our own knowledge. That somehow immediately put us in good books of our instructor. Both of us were also the most positive charged in the room (w/o constantly complaining about the length of the course and without constant boredom written across of our faces) and we were also the most involved in the course (we would volunteer to show things explained to us, speak up etc). Anyway our instructor definitely loved us as she kept on joking with us from time to time when we were working on hands-on assignments.
Some people were...mmm... strange. Some answers they were giving to questions asked by the instructor were crazy (or so it seemed to my friend and me). E.g.:
- at what age can we consider a child to be developed as an adult so the same CPR techniques can be applied as to a full grown adult? Answer: - 2 years old. (mmm...really?)
- what are some examples of emergencies when EMS should be called? Answer: - Ocean (mmm ocean what?....)

there were tons more but these are the only few I actually remembered as they shocked me.... ahahaha

some comments during the break behind the door were bizarre as well:
 - in response to multiple complaints that this course is too long: - she [the instructor] could have adjusted it to one day long but she just doesn't want to (mmm.... it's a standard 2 day long course, people designed by red cross or EMS or whoever but not her personally)
 - a comment about how the final test will be organized: - it will be an open book test and we will be answering the questions in groups (mmmm... honestly do you want a person who might later someday save your life to be certified based on the open book test assisted by another 10 dummies around him/her?[I might have actually asked this rhetorical question out loud... which might have caused a very awkward silence...])

We ended the course with a 50 multiple choice questions test that took two of us (and few other people) only 30min to accomplish (I ended up making only 1 mistake) the rest of the group stayed behind....
The only thing I hope for is that most of these people will never ever have to save my life... judging by how much they were interested to learn the material I really wouldn't trust them with my life...



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