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10:39 PM

Nuit Blanche

2013.10.06 Nuit Blance, a set on Flickr.
ok so this NB was really not as great and impressive as the one year ago and two years ago. We started at 2am (perfect timing to avoid insane crowds) and few of us lasted until 5am.
Few of the installations that we visited:
Metro Square:

Nathan Philips Square:
Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei
The Rose is w/o why

Along University avenue:
(X)Static Clown factory
My virtual dream
A quack cure
Hybrid Globe

Bata Shoe Museum:
Ad Astra
Light Scape

While in line for Virtual Dream (we didn't have enough energy to stand in the "participants line" that was averaging 2hrs wait time and went into "observers line" instead that was about 30min wait) we chatted with few guys in front of us and they apparently did a very thorough research on the topic of this particular installation and while they didn't believe that actual "brainwave reading" technology is used for the installation they did share interesting for me information about existing toys that read brain waves.
Just watched this video and it's pretty impressive - Mattel's MindFlex toy and it's 2009 video?... man we do live in the science fiction future...



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